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Contra is a collaboration of top-tier industry professionals building customized, affordable solutions for today’s growing businesses. Custom mobile, web and IT aren’t just for big corporations anymore.

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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs

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  • Speaking to Yourself
    Speaking to Yourself
    You have a coding project. You focus on it and complete the work. You are about to move on to the next project when you remember to speak to your future self. What exactly does that mean? Speaking to your future self is a form of communication that assumes you don’t remember the precise details
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  • Just what did make Facebook pay $19B for WhatsApp?  Let’s look at the technology.
    Just what did make Facebook pay $19B for WhatsApp? Let’s look at the technology.
    The answer could be found, at least in part, in the features and functionality of a 25-year-old language originally developed for telcos – Erlang. The language, despite being eccentric – some have described as “weird” – is perfect for communication technology needing real-time behavior and can enable millions of parallel conversations to occur at the same
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  • Decisions are Temporary
    Decisions are Temporary
    Should a Web page be red themed or blue themed? Do we cache data? Do we use “px” or “em” for our page design? One of the fastest ways to stall out an initiative is to not make a decision. This is where some businesses get stuck and never deliver a quality product. Let’s run
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  • Chris Palmer
    Chris PalmerFounder
    • Andy Bond
      Andy BondVP of Finance
      • Matt Krentz
        Matt KrentzVP of Marketing
        • Brian Toone
          Brian TooneVP of Sales
          • Jon Carenza
            Jon CarenzaApplication Architect
            • Nick Allen
              Nick AllenApplication Architect
            • Michael Westblade
              Michael WestbladeWeb Developer
              We’ve assembled what we feel is one of the most diverse teams in the industry. While our founder spent over eleven years as an IT Architect at IBM, all of our professionals on staff have corporate experience in the Telecommunications, Aeronautical, Insurance and Legal industries and they’re home grown right here in Kansas City. We’re mostly math guys so we’ve spent countless hours adding up our combined experience in these different spaces but that’s old and boring website content. You don’t want to hear that. What we do think you want to hear is that we have unlimited technical solutions for your business. There isn’t a business process bottleneck that we haven’t seen and subsequently conquered. While we love writing mobile applications, we’re also not going to automatically tell you that’s what can fix your business issue. We’ll make sure the solution not only fits your business issue but also your budget.

              The Lab

              Here at Contra, we’ve put together what we think is one of the best labs in the business. While not large in scale, it has all the tech that’s needed in order to get our clients, as well as our own software ideas, a head start when it comes to the competition. Boasting two large collaborative benchings,IdeaPaint on 500 sf of lab wall, samsung smart tv’s and apple tv’s everywhere. We know you’re going to be impressed.


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