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iOS & Android Development

There’s very little doubt that no matter what your industry or market, mobile device development is king. We have experienced mobile application experts on hand to drive out the best experience for your users and your business. Whether you have an app idea that has you destined for TV and radio appearances, or you have a business process enablement project taking place deep in the bowels of your business, we’re pretty sure we’ve seen everything so don’t be afraid to run it by us.


Web Design & Development

Have a complex business process that needs a set of killer screens? We have some of the finest Interface Design & Development talent this side of the rockies and all of our Web Development and Design takes place right here in Kansas City. We make it our job to put ourselves in the shoes of your target user to make sure their experience is as delightful and intuitive as playing some John Denver vinyl. Website traffic and sales attachment rates are two of the most important pieces of today’s online strategies and we know how to make Al Gore’s greatest invention work for you.


Mobile Development Contracting

Have a project under way and you can’t find the experienced Mobile Development resources in the Midwest that you thought you might be able to? Contra is your huckleberry. We have Enterprise Mobile Application, Gaming and Entrepreneurial experience that we can bring to bear. We also would love to be apart of an idea at its inception point. Come on up and we can draw on our IdeaPaint walls and get a concept going up on our LEDs that we use as monitors.


Business Incubator

Are you done ideating and inceptionizing over your new product or service and just ready to get to work? Business Incubator’s provide just the right fit for a new business. We’ll take you under our wing and show you the ropes if you need us to, or if you’re an experienced entrepreneur and just need a space and some IT assistance, we can do that as well. Bottom line is we have a state of the art Lab that will allow you to Skype at a bar while drinking a latte or your favorite libation. What can get better than that? Nothing, because we’ve been doing it for a while. Trust us.


Big Data

Let Contra help you with your big data opportunity. Whether it's terabytes, petabytes, or exabytes, we will find a solution to capture, process and manage your data in meaningful ways to better understand your customer and grow you business. 



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